Hon. Judy SgroMember of Parliament and Former Minister of Citizenship and Immigration
I have had the honour of knowing and working with Piragal Thiru for many years and, whether he is acting as a community leader, a Liberal organizer, as a personal friend, or as a father and husband, I have come to respect his input and value his perspective. For nearly three decades, I have served in public life and, during that time, I have seen all manner of public office holder. Without question, Piragal stands out as a true original. Piragal is astute and perceptive, honest and truthful, direct and tactful and, most importantly, his genuine desire to learn, to better our communities, and to put other people ahead of himself are cornerstone personality traits that will make him one of the finest MPPs at Queen’s Park. For certain, his counsel and assistance over the years has greatly enhanced my own work in Parliament on behalf of all Canadians. Having seen Piragal at work, under pressure, and in the community, I am confident in saying that he would be a tremendously effective MPP for the people of Scarborough-Rouge River. I would not hesitate to cast a ballot in favour of Piragal. His election to the Legislature can only benefit this province in the years ahead.
Julie DzerowiczMember of Parliament – Davenport
Combined with his political acuity and strong community advocacy experience, Piragal has the knowledge and experience to get the job done. He will be a strong and credible voice for Scarborough Rouge River in the legislature.
Dr. Mai Nguyen , PhD
I've had the pleasure of working with Piragal on several policy projects. As a forward thinker, Piragal has always demonstrated integrity, respect, dedication and most importantly, h‎umility towards his work and those he works with. He is a natural leader who possesses the characteristic needed to bring effective change to Ontario's political landscape and serve the interests of citizens.
Gurpreet Kaur SodhiFormer Ethno-cultural Outreach and Media Relations Officer -
Ontario NDP Caucus
Having known Piragal Thiru for over 10 years, I am honoured to endorse him as the Liberal candidate for Scarborough Rouge River. Piragal is one of the hardest working people I have ever known. His leadership and dedication made my work a lot easier in my former position. He was always willing to assist with issues affecting Scarborough, youth, seniors or human rights abuses in Sri Lanka. His energy, enthusiam and commitment make him second to none.
Ernie LustigPresident, Humber River Black Creek Liberal Riding Association.
I have the pleasure of knowing Piragal for over a decade and he has been a relentless advocate for human rights both locally and abroad and has become a great civic leader and a positive role model for youth and newcomers. A diverse riding like Scarborough Rouge River deserves a leader with diverse leadership skills and network and Piragal would be the right person for the role
Dr. Nathan YoganathanPhilanthropist
I have known Piragal for several years, and have had the pleasure to interact with him on various community advancement projects. I have found him genuinely interested in working with the community to bring forward changes to improve the quality of life for everyone in Ontario. Piragal will be a remarkable person to represent Scarborough Rouge River at Queen's Park. We need to ensure that he will be both nominated and elected with a majority
Helen Tewolde 2011 Diversity Fellow
I came to know and respect Piragal as an honest, considered person with a bias for action. Piragal is real: he shares his personal story of migration to Canada from war-torn Sri Lanka to inspire youth and other newcomers. As an Eritrean-Canadian we shared and bonded over similar stories of being first-generation Canadians and the challenges and opportunities our families and communities face in this country. Piragal has worked hard in his professional career on two important and growing portfolios: transportation and diversity. He is a pragmatic, results-driven individual who has integrity and absolutely loves the City of Toronto.
Nirmala ArmstrongRegional Councillor, City of Markham.
I have worked with Piragal on a number of political and community campaigns and his network and reach into the cross section of the community along with his knowledge of local issues is remarkable. He is a leader with passion for public service and community development.
Aly ViraniLawyer & Community Activist
Piragal's commitment to public service is unparalleled. He understands the needs of residents in Scarborough-Rouge River and is committed to those fundamental changes that will positively transform our communities. I was pleased to learn that Piragal will be seeking the nomination for the Ontario Liberal Party in the riding I had the pleasure of growing up in and offer him my full endorsement
Harneet S. PanesarBoard Member - Professional Engineers Ontario, East Toronto Chapter & Active Member of Sikh Foundation of Canada
Piragal is a determined community leader who has been able to bring several communities together and understands the cultural depths that form our rich Canadian landscape. I have known Piragal for several years and seen him take on challenges and execute with success. He is strong in taking action and has the patience to listen to peoples concerns with an attentive ear. I am pleased to support Piragal as he will be a great Member of Provincial Parliament
Gordon Mack ScottBusiness Owner and Community Volunteer
Regardless of your political leanings, Piragal Thiru is a good choice as MPP for Scarborough-Rouge River. He puts people before partisanship, understands the impact that policies have on everyday life and knows the importance of investing in communities.